Industrial vending solutions :

Apex is the perfect solution to automate inventory management of outlet services amongst your business. Our system allows you to improve the administration of high volume and high management cost items.

Apex includes two independent, easy-to-use and reliable software applications. Because the data is entirely stored in your company, its integrity, transparency and safety are never an issue.

With its vending solutions installed for clients all-through the province of Quebec, Ficodis and its Apex program have shown their effectiveness and flexibility, and have pleased our most demanding customers.

Our replenishment service is exclusive and unique. It will offer you great management options that you won’t find anywhere else.

There are no “one size fits all” solutions with Apex: our service is developed and adapted to your needs and reality, never the opposite!

Ask for our vending solutions now! They are even more flexible and easy-to-use than you could ever imagine…